Picnic & Painting at Carsulae in Umbria, Italy

Having lived in Umbria for 9 years, I'm almost embarassed to say that I had never visited the archeological area of Carsulae.  

So when my friend Francesca* invited me for a picnic late last summer, I simply couldn't refuse. I packed my easel, paints and some munchies and headed for the hills around Terni, Italy.
It's one of the most impressive archeological sites in Italy and dates back to around 300 B.C.

There's a beautiful arch, amphitheater, Roman baths and the Church of S.Cosima and Damiano and walking the grounds you get the feeling of walking through history. 

 I took advantage of the warm weather and painted the ruins and the surrounding hill.

Later in the afternoon there was an Italian folk musica gathering and we had the lovely surprise of listening to various groups from all over Italy.

If you visit Umbria, please don't miss out on this enchanting place. 

What: Roman ruins & music festival
When: from Spring to Autumn
Where: San Gemini exit off the E45 highway 
Cost: €5 entrance gets you inside the site and museum.

For more info regarding opening hours and events at Carsulae click herehttp://www.carsulae.it/home.php?lang=eng 

*Photography by Francesca Baldassari

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