Fun Friday "Caption This Painting"

Each friday I'll be posting a favorite artist and will ask you to "caption" the work.  

This week's artist is Paula Moderson Becker.  I first learned about this painter while taking a "Women Artists" Art History class for my BFA at Cal State Fullerton in California. 

Paula Modersohn-Becker (February 8, 1876 – November 21, 1907) was a German painter and one of the most important representatives of early expressionism. In a brief career, cut short by an embolism at the age of 31, she created a number of groundbreaking images of great intensity. She is becoming recognized as the first female painter to paint female nudes. Using bold forays into subject matter and chromatic color choices, she and fellow-artists Picasso and Matisse introduced the world to modernism at the start of the twentieth century.(from Wikipedia)

Please caption this painting below 
& share with a friend!

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