The end of August brings many fruits such as figs & plums.  I love eating them while I paint, maybe it helps to 'fully' understand them.

This must have been the 3rd basil plant that I bought this summer.  They seemed to have wilted or drooped. Perhaps it's the weather or just simply my brown thumb!

These paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.
 *traduzione in Italiano in fondo
End of Summer in Umbria means that you've got quite a bit of fruit and vegetables on your hands.  

My friend Angelika, who has an enchanting b&b, invited me to pick her plums and make jam promising that it would be VERY easy. To my surprise, it actually was!  Below is the recipe.

Casa Angelica B&B near Amelia in Umbria, Italy.

Two pounds of fruit yields about this much prune jam.

Prune Jam Recipe:
1. wash & cut 2 lbs. prunes into little pieces and put in a tall pot.

2. mix together fruit pectin (i used Fruttapec to speed up the process) with 2 cups sugar and add to fruit.

3. boil fruit for at least 3 minutes at high flame, mixing constantly.

4. move pot away from heat and mix for 1 min. or until foam has dissolved.

5. put boiling fruit into sterilized glass jars, close & turn over. 
leave for 5 minutes.  Wait 30-40 days before consuming. 

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*Qui in Umbria a fine estate, come in tutta la penisola ci si dedica a fare marmellate e conserve.  La mia amica Angelika mi ha invitato a cogliere le sue prugne e a fare marmellata.  Mi ha promesso che sarebbe stato facile da fare e aveva ragione. 
Un kilo di frutta rende questa quantità di marmellata.

Ricetta per fare marmellata di prugne:
1. mondare e tagliare a pezzettini 1 kg. di prugne e mettere in una pentola alta.

2. mescolare assieme Fruttapec (per velocizzare) con 500g. di zucchero e aggiungerlo a freddo alla frutta.

3. portare ad ebollizione e bollire per almeno 3 minuti a fiamma alta mescolando costantemente.

4. togliere la pentola dalla fiamma e mescolare per un minuto o fino a sciogliere la schiuma.

5. mettere la frutta bollente nei vasi sterilizzati, chiudere e capovolgere per 5 minuti.  Aspettare 30-40 giorni prima di consumare. 

As the Summer winds down over here in Italy, I've got good news:
Barragan Paintings is now on Society6.

This means that if you enjoy my paintings, you can now purchase them as totes, mugs, mobile device covers and more.  Visit my Society6 shop and see for yourself.

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend of mine, Serena and I came up with a fun way of gaining visibility for our art.  

 Tired of the traditional local markets where people were more inclined to buy sausages & pecorino than watercolor illustrations and oil paintings, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Serena came up with the idea of #AcquaeOlio: water(color) & oil(painting). Having owned a herbalist shop for around 13 years she knew the importance and value of having an attractive shop window.  So her idea was to research and find cultural festivals in Umbria and subsequently find shop owners willing to showcase our art.  

Sounds easy? It wasn't!  But we did it, together. 

We will be in Orvieto at Ornella Frosoni's Florist under the Portici Sant'Andrea from August 14 to the 23.  If you're in the area, stop by and receive a free gift with your purchase.

Stay tuned for more event dates and cities throughout Umbria.

In the meantime, visit Serena's Shop here.  She paints delicate watercolor mandalas using natural dyes, teas & elements.
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