#AcquaeOlio Project in Orvieto

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend of mine, Serena and I came up with a fun way of gaining visibility for our art.  

 Tired of the traditional local markets where people were more inclined to buy sausages & pecorino than watercolor illustrations and oil paintings, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Serena came up with the idea of #AcquaeOlio: water(color) & oil(painting). Having owned a herbalist shop for around 13 years she knew the importance and value of having an attractive shop window.  So her idea was to research and find cultural festivals in Umbria and subsequently find shop owners willing to showcase our art.  

Sounds easy? It wasn't!  But we did it, together. 

We will be in Orvieto at Ornella Frosoni's Florist under the Portici Sant'Andrea from August 14 to the 23.  If you're in the area, stop by and receive a free gift with your purchase.

Stay tuned for more event dates and cities throughout Umbria.

In the meantime, visit Serena's Shop here.  She paints delicate watercolor mandalas using natural dyes, teas & elements.

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