Painting in the Umbrian Countryside

It's been raining cats, dogs and sheep lately in central Italy so being able to paint outdoors has become a real challenge.  I live in the area around Amelia in Umbria.  It's one of Italy's most beautiful regions.

Recently the Washington Post called "Umbria, the poor man's Tuscany where you can live like a king".  It's a truthful article and sums up some of the reasons why I decided to live in this region.

Are you thinking of traveling to Umbria? You may just want to visit Amelia and experience one of my Travel Sketchbook Workshops.
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"Behind Porchiano del Monte"

"The Back Road to Amelia"

"White Oleandre from Porchiano"

These paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.

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