I live in Porchiano del Monte

Porchiano del Monte is a small medieval town on a hilltop overlooking the Tiber Valley.  It's located in Southern Umbria about an hour north of Rome and is a small fraction of the city of Amelia.

Many people, especially the locals have often asked me "Why would someone from  Southern California want to live here?"  

It's a peaceful and beautiful place.
When I drive up along the town walls, I feel as though I'm entering in another world, one where time seems to have slowed down.  

People greet each other cordially most of the time.  I say most of the time because the majority of them are related in some way.  As in any large or small family, there can be some friction.  Being a foreigner has its advantages in this case since I can't get caught up in centuries old family feuds.  

Porchiano is an agricultural community so there is a tradition of solidarity among town inhabitants.  For example, some months ago I needed a very long ladder to pick out some weeds that had grown on my stone house facade.  I had no such ladder myself, so I went to the barber's (who btw is the unofficial 'mayor' of the town) and asked for his advice.  He arranged for a retired local to lend me his for the job in a matter of minutes.  I saved time and money by not having to call anyone and doing it with the help of a Porchianese. 

More stories to come ...

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