Barragan Paintings Auctions on Ebay this Week

This week I'm auctioning off a series of recent oil paintings on Ebay.  You can find a few Umbrian Italian Landscapes and vegetable still lifes.  Have a look!

About me
I'm a Painter.
I feel very lucky to have chosen to live in this little hill town in Central Umbria and to make it my home. It's peaceful and is known for its endless landscapes of hills, olive trees, vines and sunsets. This is also the land of Saint Francis, Catherine and Benedict. I honestly can't think of a better place to paint!

Just like you, I enjoy finding and marveling at apparently insignificant things such as wildflowers picked on a morning walk, a local fruit right out of an orchard, or an Italian landscape especially at sunset when the colors warm up.

I love simplicity & quality and I embed these values in my paintings by using only the finest Italian oil paints and supports. When you purchase a Barragan Painting you're buying a timeless original that will last for generations. Each painting is signed on the front & back and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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