Happy Easter and Pasquetta

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter if you celebrate it.  

Here in Italy 'Easter Monday' or 'La Pasquetta' is equally important.  On a religious note: Easter Monday commemorates the risen Jesus’ meeting with his disciples on the day after he was resurrected, as mentioned in the bible.

In Italy this is a day for families to enjoy a picnic in the countryside.  
All schools, banks and government offices are closed. 

Spero che tutti voi avete passato una bella Pasqua.

Come tutti voi sapete Pasquetta è un momento per fare un picnic in campagna. Dove pensate di
andare quest'anno?
Luckily the weather is collaborating this year, so let's grab that picnic basket walk down to the forest.

Per fortuna il tempo è migliorato oggi, e allora prendiamo il cestino del picnic ed andiamo al bosco.
A little flower to say
'Buona Pasquetta'!

Un piccolo fiore per dire
'Buona Pasquetta'!

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