Painting Around Porchiano in February

We're having a rather mild February, it's was about 60°F today.  

I decided to take a little drive around Porchiano del Monte.  It's such a treat to go back to the same places I painted during the summer and notice radical color changes.

This is a perfect place for the Spring & Summer Workshop.

Daisy is always trying to get in the photo!

Here is the view of Monte Cimino in Lazio.  
The morning winter sky has such delicate colors.

The view towards Cesi. 

Have you ever been in Umbria?  
Where?  I'd love to know. 

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Alex Roe said...

Ha! I think you should paint Daisy into one of your landscapes ;)

Not being at all able with a paintbrush, I have to limit myself to photography.

Italy is highly photogenic and equally paintogenic ;)



Anonymous said...

I've been in Umbria where I was a little girl so I don't remember those particular landscapes and colors, I just have the memory of the calm that I felt over there.

It's nice to see the spring coming ;)
Have a nice day Caridad!

Caridad Barragan said...

Yes, it certainly is calm!
Have a great day, thank you Nicoletta.

Caridad Barragan said...

Hahaha, Daisy's always running around in the puddles and being obnoxious! I don't do dogs. ;-)
Lets see your photos.

brett @ IAMTHELAB said...

Your work is stunning!

Caridad Barragan said...

I'm so glad you think so Brett! :-)

Maria Helena Zanni said...

I've never been in Umbria, but every time I see your wonderful paintings I want to visit it and not only see this places but also living them with the other senses!
(I'm trying to write in english to exercise, tell me if I wrote something wrong!)

Caridad Barragan said...

Maria Helena, your english is fine!
If you really want me to correct you, here it is:
"..not only see this place but also live IT WITH ALL MY SENSES".
Thanks for commenting!

Martina said...

Hi Caridad, I've never been in Umbria, but looking at your beautiful paintings I think it may be a great holiday :)


Caridad Barragan said...

Oh, let me tell you Martina, it really is a very relaxing place to live. Let me know when you come because I know lots of beautiful places to stay and visit.

Marta Terraroli said...

What a gorgeous landscape!!! You make me wanna go to Umbria and see these beautiful places!
You're making a great job with your paintings Caridad!

Caridad Isabel Barragan said...

Thank you Marta!
If you're ever in the area, drop me a line, lets have coffee together!

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