I'm happy to announce that I will be giving an Autumn Travel Sketchbook Workshop at the Abbazia Sette Frati in Piegaro, near Perugia.  

I met the Sposini cousins last December when they invited me to participate in their artisan market. With such a beautiful Abbey, how could I resist!

3 hour Workshop includes:
- introduction to basic sketching and watercolor technique 
- travel watercolor set brush, pencil & pen
- sketchbook

Cost: €45 per person
Schedule: 3pm to 6pm

To reserve your spot contact:
Annalisa Sposini cell. +39 347 9453188

Facebook link to the Workshop event.

Abbazia Sette Frati a Piegaro, Perugia (Umbria)

Sono molto contenta di annunciare che organizzo un Laboratorio di Disegno nella Natura presso l'Abbazia Sette Frati a Piegaro, Perugia.  

Ho conosciuto le cugine Sposini lo scorso dicembre quanto mi invitarono a partecipare al loro mercato artigianale.  Che posto incantevole l'Abbazia!  Come potevo resister?

Il Laboratorio di 3 ore include:
- introduzione a delle tecniche di base dello schizzo ed acquerello
- set d'acquerelli da viaggio con pennellino, matita e penna
- album da disegno

Orario: 15,00 - 18.00
Costo: €45 a persona

Per prenotare, contattare:
Annalisa Sposini
cell. +39 347 9453188

Pagina Facebook del Laboratorio

Abbazia Sette Frati a Piegaro, Perugia (Umbria)
I'm enjoying painting in the low Autumn light.
Do you like red onions too?

These pomegranates 
aren't quite ready 
to be painted yet.
backstage Green Grapes

What's your favorite fruit? 

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All paintings will be available 
in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.
Living in Umbria certainly has it's perks and Septembers are often warm during the day, it's an invitation to paint outdoors.  This little lake is just about 2km from Porchiano del Monte and YES it is really peaceful.
There's something about these Italian country roads that I am really attracted to.  I suppose every story starts on a road to somewhere.

Have you ever walked down an Italian country road? Please leave a comment below.
Thank you

The above paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in approximately 3 weeks.

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