It's been raining cats, dogs and sheep lately in central Italy so being able to paint outdoors has become a real challenge.  I live in the area around Amelia in Umbria.  It's one of Italy's most beautiful regions.

Recently the Washington Post called "Umbria, the poor man's Tuscany where you can live like a king".  It's a truthful article and sums up some of the reasons why I decided to live in this region.

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"Behind Porchiano del Monte"

"The Back Road to Amelia"

"White Oleandre from Porchiano"

These paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.

Having lived in Umbria for the past 8 years, I've gotten to know this region quite well and would like to share my top 5 blog & blogpost picks for Summer 2014 with you. 

I can't decide which one is my favorite.  All I know is that each blog is full of quality information and photos regarding Umbrian food, wines, artisan crafts & traditions, and travel destinations.


Umbria on the Blog  is written by the Umbrian Tourist Confederation whose posts are all about having you live your best Umbrian experience.  Local town festivities, nature parks and sports are just some of the posts you'll read about. 

Discovering Umbria is a brother and sister travel tour team that blog about the beauty, traditions and tastes of Umbria.  Lovely photos and unique destinations to visit throughout the region. 

Culture Discovery Vacation Blog is written by a husband & wife team. They are funny, insightful and know Italy like the back of their hand. Click on the link to discover the "7 Things Americans can Learn from Italians". 

Umbria Lovers Blog is written by a couple who work in the tourist industry.  They are passionate about what they write and give you a rare insider's view to experiencing this beautiful region.  

Walks of Italy This blog is about Italy in general, however check out this blog post that explains some subtle but important differences between Umbria and Tuscany.

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Have you ever been to Umbria? Then you're probably familiar with the warm color landscapes. It's very relaxing and peaceful to paint on a country road.
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 Siete mai stati in Umbria? Allora sicuramente conoscete i colori caldi del paesaggio.   
E' molto rilassante dipingere su una strada di campagna.  Perchè non vieni a dipingere una settimana in Umbria?
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The warm colors at sunset is what I love the most.

I colori caldi del tramonto sono i miei preferiti.

These paintings will be on sale in approximately 
3 weeks in my Etsy Shop.

Questi dipinti saranno in vendita in 
circa 3 

settimane nel mio negozio Etsy.

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